Bally Alpha 2 V27/27

  • $7,500.00
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The ALPHA 2 V27/27 is a favorite of players and operators alike. Players love the dual high-definition 27-inch touchscreen displays, game-controlled surround lights, and surround-sound audio that creates an immersive game experience. Operators appreciate the V27/27’s low cabinet height allowing for improved sight lines, the dependability and performance of Bally’s ALPHA 2 operating system, and the large game library available for the V27/27.

  • Low cabinet height allows for improved floor sight lines
  • Award-winning iDeck
  • Combined bill-in and ticket-out path simplifies player interaction
  • Ergonomic deck surface with soft-touch coating for player comfort
  • Convenient purse hook below button deck for player peace of mind

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